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No real American bowling experience is complete without burgers, hot dogs, nuggets, fries, juice and soft drinks. Especially when you’re a ravenous youngster with energy to burn. Dive into our kids menu and feed those bowling machines!

For birthday celebrations you are invited to bring in your own cake. All items are subject to availability. All dishes may contain nuts or nut products. Our fish dishes may contain small bones.

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Company events, birthdays, barmitzvahs, leaving do’s, fancy dress, Christmas, 21st parties or family celebrations. Anything goes when you need a reason for Rowans bowling. Or even when you don’t need a reason!

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Whether its a drink and a bite after work, or snacks and nibbles when you’re bowling, Rowans have a great range of satisfying bar snacks available. We can’t guarantee they’ll improve your bowling, but it’s worth a shot!

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Make your time spent at Rowans something special to remember, you can enjoy Karaoke from £5 per person per hour (min 3 people). We can also organise bowling to accompany it with our special put-together packages. Great for get-togethers, hen nights or those fun – packed nights out!

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